Sunday, August 1, 2010

Majestic Minimalism

In order to get attention in todays art world it is necessary to adhere to these basic requirements:

Develope a recognizeable signature style

Create work that advances art history

Have some art expert declare the work worthwhile

Have someone write about the art

In that case, here is the invention of a new art form. (although with the hundred of thousands of artists at work, it is not at all unlikely that someone else has already thought of this).

Majestic Minimalism

The art movement Minimalism can be described as a movement and style of art from the 20th century which attempts to reduce art to the basic geometric shapes with the fewest colors, lines and textures. Minimal art does not seek to be representational of any object. Also called ABC art. Minimalism is the extreme simplification of form and color.

Majestic Minimalism, however, although tending toward simplicity has the following requirements:

The artists uses only one hue
Only one tint or shade of that hue (this is not grisaille painting)
Only one texture (impasto, or sand, or glass beads, etc.)
Only one method of application to a substrate (one brush size, one size palet knife, one size sponge/cloth etc.)

The purpose of Majestic Minimalis is to create a satisfying work of art, a simple expression of a complex thought within prescribed parameters. The required singularities should encourage the artist to expand the limits of their imagination.

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